Crellin Community Park is located just on the Village of Chatham border heading north on route 66.  The park is open dawn till dusk year round. The first phase of the concrete skate park will be approximately 5100 square feet and will include a street plaza design along with a bowl/pool to appease skaters with a range of abilities. The design and construction of the park will go out to bid to a variety of skate park building companies. The skate park committee, made up of local youth and adults, will then make recommendations to the Town Board. The Town of Chatham has been working on skate park plans for four years, involving skateboarders of all ages in the planning and fundraising process. The hope is to provide a state-of-the-art facility for boarders, who often skateboard down the streets of Chatham. But skateboard parks are expensive, and the current state of the economy hasn’t made raising money any easier. The Town of Chatham has applied for EPF funds for three years only to be overlooked for other projects around the state. Demographics play a key roll to state and federal funding and because the Town isn’t an oppressed community or inner city community, we find it difficult to qualify for certain grant opportunities. Another goal the town recently added to the mix is raising money to construct a new community building to replace the old pavilion and building near the pond at Crellin Park. The pavilion is more than 20 years old and badly in need of repairs to the leaky roof, cracked pavement and ancient restrooms, among other items. The building would contain a community room, snack bar, an office and storage rooms and would be constructed using “green” building techniques. “We’re trying to do both projects so we can provide more recreational opportunities for all our residents,” explained Shari Franks, Recreation Director for the Town of Chatham. “While the skate park appeals to a particular constituency, a new community building would benefit everyone including our large number of senior citizens living here. There are currently three senior housing facilities in the Village of Chatham, but not a handicapped accessible community center for seniors to gather for events and other social activities.










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