The Crellin Park Foundation, Inc., is currently soliciting donations to further the mission of the Chatham Town Park System, specifically, Crellin Community Park, and the soon to be constructed, Stony Kill Disc Golf Course.  Please choose from the following categories to make your donation and indicate this in the box provided once you make your donation on the PayPal page. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent that IRS and NYS tax laws allow. We greatly appreciate your support!
1.) The Chatham Skate Park – Phase 2 portion

2.) The New Building Project – to replace the current life safety building and pavilion located near the pond

3.) The Stony Disc Golf Course to be constructed behind the Chatham Town Hall located on 488 Rt. 295, in Chatham

4.) The General Program Fund – to fund a variety of programs that take place at Crellin Park

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